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For over thirty years our team as been finding and filling the needs for seasonal workers from the highest quality labor pool in the industry. They're the kind of quality employees our clients depend on season after season.
GLS understands the difficulty of finding legal, reliable workers.  As the employer, we not only recruit the workers but also handle all the complex legal compliance issues involved in obtaining work visas.
By taking this and many other employment responsibilities off their hands, our clients are able to save time and money, avoid a whole range of problems, and spend a lot more time taking care of their businesses.  Let GLS Do It!”

Some of our value-added services:

  • Payrolling for your current employees
  • Web-based account access and management
  • Customized new employee orientations for your work site
  • Occupational Prescreening surveys that help us identify highly productive workers

Some of our Risk Management services:
Our programs include:

  • Client Site Evaluations
  • Work-Site Accident Investigations
  • Safety Training
  • Light Duty Program
  • Drug Screening - Pre-employment, for cause, random and/or post-accident

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