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The H-2A nonimmigrant program permits foreign workers to perform seasonal work for agricultural employers. Workers may be employed by GLS to work in the United States from six weeks to ten and one-half months of the year. 

GLS understands the difficulty of finding legal, reliable workers.  As the employer, we not only recruit the workers but also handle all the complex legal and compliance issues involved in obtaining work visas.

Reduced Risk:     
Easy Access:

GLS has recruiting resources to help locate workers worldwide with the skills and experiences you need.  From Mexico to Asia, GLS can find workers for you! 

Our pre-screening of employees includes:

  • Pre-employment drug screen
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Occupational Prescreening surveys that help us identify highly productive workers

Delivered To Your Doorstep
GLS workers are provided transportation to and from their country of origin at no cost to them. Upon arrival on your jobsite, workers attend specific orientation and OSHA training.

No Headache Payroll and Billing
Our payroll system provides that workers are paid weekly with a unique program that does not require transportation to a check cashing business and them standing in long lines to send money back to their families.  Our Web-based account access and management system provides for ease of invoicing and customized reports that help you manage your business.

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You can email us directly through the Contact Center, and we'll have an account representative get back to you. You can click here to fill out and submit our Online Client Application Form. Or, you can simply pick up the phone, and call us right now 1.888.549.9192 and you'll be connected directly to our nearest office.

C.I.T.A. Employer Services
C.I.T.A. is a not-for-profit 501c3 organization designed to help agricultural employers manage the H2a process from decision making to post-contract audit.

  • Facilitator services for employers desiring to manage own H2A petition process with the guidance of experienced support staff
  • Guaranteed petition approval
  • Prices vary based upon services requested
  • Food and Industrial Safety Programs
  • Affordable programs to help ensure compliance with State and Federal product and employee safety
  • Prices vary based upon services requested
  • Consulting Services
  • Understanding the H-2A Process prior to making the decision to enter in
  • Audit Guide to help ensure success with U.S. Department of Labor H-2A Audits
  • Government Policy – Employer Comprehension and Advocacy
  • Contact us to discuss your workforce needs

Contact Information:
M. Janine Duron, Executive Director
(928) 271-2618

Jesse F Duron, H2A Coordinator
(928) 271-2619

PO Box 7112
San Luis, AZ 85349

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